Welcome to Langkawi Motorbike Rental

 This is motorcycle hire made easy. If you prefer riding on two wheels rather than four like we do then Envomarine Motorcycle Hire can give you the ride of your life on the bike of your dreams. If you are looking for the best motorcycle hire in Langkawi and further afield, look no further.

Why Rent from Us?

Langkawi does not have public transport like trams or buses. Other than expensive car rental you will have to make do with expensive taxis too! Our motorbikes are new as we replace our fleet every three years. Our stringent maintenance and quality control ensures that every bike returned are in good condition and without problems like worn brakes, blown signal lights or tail lights, or worn tyres.

Beware of cheap rentals that passes of 10-20year old repainted bikes to pass off as new. This bikes are hazardous to your health. why gamble with your future for a few miserable  dollars? We also have 24 hour breakdown service, which we know you may never have to use.; but still gives you peace of mind.

Terms and Conditions

Note that Langkawi Island has a speed limit of 60 km per hour, and speed traps with radars are everywhere waiting to pounce on you.  Drink Motoring is a jail-able offence. Compulsory Collision Damage Waiver insurance @RM15 covers theft and accidental damage with an unwaiverable liability of RM100 or USD22. it ensures that any unfortunate mishap will not blow your pockets wide open.

Scratches and Cracks will be replaced with new parts and not repaired, for the safety and confidence of bike renters. Deposit of RM100 will be levied and returned to you once the bike key is returned. CDW insurance is automatically levied when you pick up the bikes.

Our fantastic rates and legendary service lets you ride in style for a reasonable price. Langkawi Island is the perfect place to ride a bike, as the roads are not congested, and beautiful scenic countryside.

Motorcycle Hire  – Deals on Wheels                                        

When it comes to motorcycle hire you  can enjoy a hassle free service. Motorbike hire is easy with us and everything is prepared and planned for ahead of hire; servicing, tax and fully comprehensive insurance is all included in the price of hire to ensure you make the most of your time on the bike not off it. BOOK EARLY with only a RM100 Deposit to confirm availability of your bike, as our bikes are usually overbooked.



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