ECR Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before booking

Driver’s Qualifications

We recognize all current Malaysian driving licenses. Overseas visitors may use recognized current licenses issued by their country of residence.

It is important that the person who rents the car, as well as any additional accompanying drivers, must be at least 23-65 years of age, and hold valid licenses for at least one year. Provisional drivers and recently-qualified drivers are prohibited from driving

We reserve the right to decline any prospective customer whose driving license carries an endorsement OR unable to produce a Valid Driver’s License.

Only the main driver may drive the vehicle and a registered second driver may be permitted at extra cost.

The company reserves the right to change a similar car model in case of a breakdown or upgrade the vehicle.

The company does not guarantee the pickup time of the car, and in case of a delay, the company will accord a transfer to the hotel while waiting for the vehicle to be ready for rental.

Renter must take note that the speed limit in Langkawi Island is 60km/hour and speed traps abound throughout the Island.

Drunk Driving is a serious jail able offence.


Deposit and Collision Damage Waiver

RM100 refundable deposit would be collected upon receiving vehicle.

Collision Damage Waiver is compulsory as any accidental damage to the vehicle will incur heavy expenses on the Renter.


Self Drive Rates

Minimum rental charge is two days (48 hours period). Hourly charge is based on the RM10 for cars, RM15 for MPV’s and RM30 for Combivans.



The rental rates shown include full indemnity for accidental damage to third party property and bodily injuries. However, in line with the commercial insurance practice, the Renter is always responsible for an amount equivalent to the excess clause as follows:

RM3000 for vehicles below 1500cc and RM5000 for vehicles over 1500cc.


We insist that renters purchase a Collision Damage Waiver insurance to  waive the financial responsibility resulting from a damage vehicle while it is under a rental agreement. This can be done by purchasing the Collision Damage waiver (CDW) at a nominal fee. However, Renter is liable for a Non-Waiver able Damage Excess as follows:

RM500 for 1300cc and below

RM1000 for vehicles above 1300cc

RM2000 for vehicles above 2000cc


It is to be noted that using the vehicle in contravention of any of the terms and conditions in the Rental Agreement will invalidate the CDW even though it is accepted by the Renter.

Renter is reminded that OVERHEATING, UNDERBODY and OVERHEAD damage is at the Renter’s risk at all times and all insurance is void if vehicles are driven on unsealed and unmade roads or surfaces.

In additional to the above, CDW coverage will only be effected subject to the availability of a police report made within 24 hours.

Missing of vehicle accessories are not protected under CDW.

All rentals are subject to the full terms and conditions set out in the Rental Agreement.

CDW A insurance is for 5 Seater cars

CDW B insurance is for 7 Seater MPV

CDW C insurance is for 8-12 Seater CombiVans


Refunds Policy

72 hours and above: Full Refund

Below 72 hours: 50percent of Total

Below 24 hours: No Refund